Pre-trip Checklist

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 To Do List
Reserve flights
Fax, mail or email arrival times to Kayak Operator
Mail medical form and waiver, completed and signed to Kayak Operator
Get required inoculations up to date
Gather passport, traveller's cheques, airline tickets
Reserve gateway accommodation (pre & post tour)
Check if you can store non-kayak items at your gateway hotel
Packed Trip clothing and personal items as per "What To Bring" checklist
Review Waiver of Liability and be prepared to sign it prior to departure

Personal Items Required For All Trips
The following list are examples of what to bring on your kayak tour. The specifics of what to bring may vary with the destination. And, depending on the area and time of year, additional items may be required. Once you are confirmed on a tour, you will receive a complete list in your pre-departure package that may complement the below items. As a general guideline, your sleeping bag will need to fit into a 20 litre dry bag, your clothing into a 20 litre dry bag, your rain gear into a 5 litre dry bag and your remaining personal items into a 10 litre dry bag.

Your clothing should be made of synthetic materials or wool to retain their warmth when wet. Most synthetics like polartec fleece and polypropylene also have the advantage of quick drying. Avoid cotton items as they lack warmth and take a long time to dry.

 Clothing List
1 pair runners or good walking shoes
1 pair of shoes that will get wet, such as rubber boots or sandals
2 pairs of fast drying, lightweight full length pants.
Underwear- not cotton
4 pairs of socks (2 pair wool; 2 pair synthetic fiber)
2 pair quick dry shorts (nylon)
1 bathing suit
1 - 2 T-shirts
2 long sleeved polypro shirts - not cotton
2 pair of long fleece or synthetic pants - not cotton
1 fleece jacket or wool sweater (this will keep you warm even when wet)
1 wide brimmed sun/rain hat
1 warm fleece or wool hat
1 warm pair fleece or wool gloves
1 waterproof jacket
1 good quality set of rain gear (jacket and pants) - test in shower
Fleece vest (optional)

 Equipment List
Good quality sleeping bag, synthetic fill with waterproof compression stuff sack (may be supplied by operator)
Thermarest pad (may be supplied by operator)
Wetsuit booties (may be supplied by operator)
1 - 3 bandanas (handy for sun protection)
Sunglasses with band
Spare set of eyeglasses (even if you wear contact lenses) and contact lens solution
Flashlight or headlamp and spare batteries (we recommend headlamps - hands free)
1 litre water bottle
1 small towel
Biodegradable salt-water soap
Personal toiletries including tissue paper
Personal medications (bring a spare set for the guide to carry)
Sunscreen (spf 15-30, waterproof for kayak)
100% Aloe Vera lotion (with no perfume added)
Insect repellent
3- 4 large Ziploc freezer bags
3- 4 large garbage bags
Small piece of cord or rope (3 - 5 meters long) & clothes pegs
Insect repellant

Camera equipment and film
Neoprene paddling gloves (recommended)
Handy wipes
Good reading book, log book and pen
Special snacks
Hand line and lures for fishing and fishing license

Print this document

Suggestions - Carry a fanny pack with personal medication, kleenex, pocket knife, small notepad and pen etc. for ready access. But keep it light!

Camera Equipment: Bring plenty of film, batteries and accessories. For expensive cameras we suggest you purchase a waterproof bag or diver's dry box, available at most outdoor stores or dive shops, and silica packets to absorb moisture as the air can be humid. In the case of inexpensive cameras, ziploc bags are adequate.

North America: 1.800.255.5057 - UK: 0.800.051.6364 - Australia: 1.800.143.454

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