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Vancouver Island Kayak reaches more paddlers who are planning a kayak vacation on or near Vancouver Island than any other resource in the industry. If you sell kayaks or kayak-related products to a Canadian west coast market we will provide you with targeted traffic. Consider these four points:

1. Strong Market Niche

Vancouver Island Kayak has been in business since 2002. Since this time the number of our kayak suppliers and satisfied customers has grown steadily. We now offer over 500 kayak departures every year in eight locations on BC's west coast. Our customers contact us for the following reasons:

  • We place first in Google for 'vancouver island kayak' or 'kayak vancouver island';
  • We offer the best selection of kayak tours and departures in western Canada;
  • Our website has relevant and comprehensive content;
  • They have been referred by a satisfied customer

2. Sound Demographics

The volume associated with up to 500 departures also gives us some background on paddlers, most of whom live in North America and are new to kayaking. This means that, after a positive kayak experience with us, they are likely to buy a kayak and gear.


44 years in age (male)

No experience:


United States:


39 years in age (female)





55% male





75% professional






3. Hands on Customer Focus

We provide a full service continuum - from the first phone call, to booking the kayak tour, to making travel arrangements for our customers to get to and back from the kayak put-in point.

Midnight Sun Travel, the company that owns Vancouver Island Kayak, is a registered travel agency with the BC Consumer Protection Agency (licence 3042). As a registered agency, we place customer funds in a trust account until the tour is completed. We also sell travel insurance. All in all, a complete and trustworthy service for west coast paddlers.

4. Good Stats (and steadily improving)

  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors:       4,557
  • Average Monthly Page Views             26,616
  • Average Length of Session:                5 minutes

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For information on our horizontal and vertical banner ads please call Scott Bonner, Managing Director, Midnight Sun Travel, at 1.800.255.5057 or email us.

North America: 1.800.255.5057 - UK: 0.800.051.6364 - Australia: 1.800.143.454

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From Our Blog

"One of the Best Holidays of My Life"

Tuesday, February 9 2016

Here's a fantastic comment we received from Ann after her kayak vacation last August, her second Vancouver Island Kayak tour.

Scott, As we spoke earlier I can't thank you enough for being the facilitator in what truly has to be the best or at at least one of the best holidays of my life.  I only say one as my husband is not here and I wish he could have experienced the wonders of British Columbia nature first hand.

I had two wonderful but very different kayak trips.  The first to the Broken Island Group and the second up here in Port Mc Neil.  I enjoyed both for different reasons.  Different geographies. Wildlife and also fellow travellers on the trip but both wonderfully well organised and the natural beauty of this place speaks for itself. more