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Telegraph Cove (pop. 20) is located on the Broughton Strait, on Vancouver Island’s northeast coast. The community is the launching point into a pristine marine environment that includes the vast marine park known as the Broughton Archipelago; the famous orca rubbing beaches of Robson Bight; and Johnstone Strait, an inside passage marine route.

In 1912, Telegraph Cove was a one-room station, the northern terminus of a telegraph line that began in Campbell River and stretched from tree to tree along Vancouver Island's east coast. Over the years pioneers developed a lumber mill, salmon saltery and fish storage warehouses. As the 1970’s dawned, these industries yielded to recreational boaters and wildlife watching companies. Today nature is the key industry:  whale watching, grizzly bear viewing and kayaking are the village’s biggest draws. Some of our kayak tours of Johnstone Strait depart from Telegraph Cove.

Weather Conditions in Port McNeill (20 minutes  north of Telegraph Cove)

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"One of the Best Holidays of My Life"

Tuesday, February 9 2016

Here's a fantastic comment we received from Ann after her kayak vacation last August, her second Vancouver Island Kayak tour.

Scott, As we spoke earlier I can't thank you enough for being the facilitator in what truly has to be the best or at at least one of the best holidays of my life.  I only say one as my husband is not here and I wish he could have experienced the wonders of British Columbia nature first hand.

I had two wonderful but very different kayak trips.  The first to the Broken Island Group and the second up here in Port Mc Neil.  I enjoyed both for different reasons.  Different geographies. Wildlife and also fellow travellers on the trip but both wonderfully well organised and the natural beauty of this place speaks for itself. more