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Southern Gwaii Haanas Explorer (25.207)
8 days / 7 nights

Queen Charlotte Islands

Kayaking in the Queen Charlotte Islands


Off British Columbia's north coast lies an archipelago often referred to as "Canada's Galapagos": the Queen Charlotte Islands, or Haida Gwaii (Islands of the People). The archipelago comprises some 154 islands, which lie 80 kilometers off the BC coast and about 50 kilometers from the southern tip of Alaska. The Islands have been inhabited continually for 10,000 years and are the traditional home of the Haida nation, recognized as the prime culture at the time of the arrival of the Europeans. The arts of the Haida people - notably their totem poles and carvings in argillate (a black glass-like aggregate) are world famous. The Haida were fearsome warriors who dominated the west coast.

For those that choose to take any of the our three trips in the Queen Charlotte Islands, remoteness, coupled with the lure of this pristine land and aboriginal culture, combine to make this a kayaker's wilderness paradise. Our sea kayaking tours of Gwaii Haanas National Park and Haida Heritage Site paddle by some of the most spectacular terrain on the island: from the waters of Hecate Strait, to the open Pacific and then through areas of extraordinary biodiversity and cultural significance.

The areas we kayak range from the long house remains of T'aanuu Linagaay in the north to the gloriously colourful inter-tidal display at Burnaby Narrows in the center of the park. Combined with Kunghit Island and Anthony Island in the south, you will see witness some of the most extraordinary scenery and archaeological sites in the world. As well, each trip visits different Haida Heritage sites including T’aanuu Linagaay, Hotspring Island and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of SGang Gwaay Linagaay village on Anthony Island (Ninstints)

The three tours described above all operate in the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site:

Trip 1: Gwaii Haanas - Tanu (T’aanuu Linagaay) – Burnaby Island. 8 days of kayaking. The red outline on the map markers this route.
Trip 2: Gwaii Haanas - Burnaby Island – Ninstints (SGang Gwaay Linagaay). 8 days of kayaking. The black outline on the map markers this route.
Trip 3: Gwaii Haanas - Ninstints (SGang Gwaay Linagaay)– Hotspring Island (Gandll K’in Gwaayaay). 10 days of kayaking. The yellow outline on the map markers this route.

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"One of the Best Holidays of My Life"

Tuesday, February 9 2016

Here's a fantastic comment we received from Ann after her kayak vacation last August, her second Vancouver Island Kayak tour.

Scott, As we spoke earlier I can't thank you enough for being the facilitator in what truly has to be the best or at at least one of the best holidays of my life.  I only say one as my husband is not here and I wish he could have experienced the wonders of British Columbia nature first hand.

I had two wonderful but very different kayak trips.  The first to the Broken Island Group and the second up here in Port Mc Neil.  I enjoyed both for different reasons.  Different geographies. Wildlife and also fellow travellers on the trip but both wonderfully well organised and the natural beauty of this place speaks for itself.

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